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SoftQualM Press Publishing Services

Unlike conventional publishers SoftQualM Press concentrates on getting your book out there, i.e. facilitating the publishing, marketing, printing and distribution of your book.

Utilising a low risk, low cost print-on-demand concept, your investment can be kept to as little as £100 while still reaching a global audience through channels like amazon and starting to earn from the first copy sold.

And if you want your book solely for your own use, eg as courseware, event booklet, tour book etc., we also offer a short-run option without distribution channels.

While we are happy to consult on all aspects, with SoftQualM Press you as the author retain full ownership, control and responsibility of content, design and any other aspect of your title.

Choose SoftQualM Press as your one-stop partner for all your publishing and have it your way.

You write - we take care of the rest.


These are just some of the services we can offer:


How does it work?

1. Preparing the content

It all starts with you writing your book.

2. Completing the content

All content needs to be typeset and undergo thorough proof reading.
A cover has to be designed and illustrations may be added.
You can do this yourself or use our services.

3. Make it print ready

We will then convert and compile all material into a format as required by the printer.

4. Preparing for publication

We assign an ISBN to your book, register the title and obtain a proof copy.

5. Your approval

You will be asked to examine the proof copy. If you're happy you grant approval, else we will discuss and perform changes towards a further proof.

6. Getting it out there

Once you've granted your approval, your book is available to be purchased. We will promote it on this website and via the distribution options agreed with you, especially those available from our Print-On-Demand Provider Lightning Source, eg amazon.

7. Sales, printing and delivery

Whenever a copy of your book is sold, an order goes out to our Print-On-Demand Provider, the required number of copies are printed and shipped within days via the respective distribution channel.

8. Accounting

We will inform you on a regular basis about sales and pay out your author compensation.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries. We are happy to be at your service.


SoftQualM Publishing Price List

Title Setup
Conversion of well-formatted electronic documents into print-ready files (cover and content), submission, ISBN registration & one year catalog fee (see below).
Catalog Fee
Annual fee to keep a title on print-on-demand catalog and related distribution channels.
£9 p.a.
Proof Copy
Copy for approval prior to release of title (B/W paperback only, other formats on request).
Cover Design
on request
Proof Reading
Spell checking, grammar, punctuation.
£2 per 100 words
Typesetting of your (hand written) script.
£5 per 100 words
Typical rate (depending on complexity).
£10 per 100 words
Terms and Conditions apply